We are still the same club, but with a new website and name

We are changing our name to more accurately reflect the changes that occurred in the industry the last decade.   When we formed this club in 2004, we were only focused on ATV(All Terrain Vehicles), a relatively new method of off roading at that time.  Since then we have expanded our ranks to include ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, and SxS’s (Side by Sides).

To more accurately reflect our name we are  rebranding our website, MI-Offroad.com.  We are still the same ATVoffroad.net family, but we no longer want people think because of our website name, that we are solely focused on ATV’s.

Enjoying the trails in Tennessee


Who We Are

Safe and Responsible Riding

We are all about promoting safe and responsible riding.  We have and will always organize rides, and ensure those rides are conducted in adherence  to the laws and guidelines posted in that area.  Nothing ruins our opportunities to ride than violating the laws.  We want our riding venues to  be shared by all for many generations to come.

In addition to organizing rides, we maintain for the DNR the Black lake, Bummers Roost and Red Bridge trail systems.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with maintenance, the effort is usually a fun filled activity, where we get some riding in while doing the maintenance, and then enjoy a nice meal together afterwards.

 Usually our maintenance wekends are the weekend before mothers day and tthe first weekend of August.

Special Events

Winter and Summer

We organize two rides that coincide with our membership meetings.  The first or second weekend of December in Leota, and a mid Summer Ride on the Black Lake System